Symfony CMF: un’occasione per recuperare

Settembre è un po’ come il primo dell’anno: è il mese in cui ricominciare a fare programmi e progetti.
Carichi di buoni propositi, ti proponiamo un’occasione importante per la tua formazione professionale: in occasione del Symfony Day di Reggio Emilia che si terrà il 9 ottobre, stiamo organizzando il workshop Symfony CMF con Manuel.

PHPCR SonataAdminBundle Hackday – Our report

The best in contributing to an opensource project is when you see the shift from some very ackward amount of code to some useful, high value and consistent package of tools for the developer. The Symfony CMF reached that point during the first weeks of 2012 and the last hacking event dedicated to it, the PHPCR SonataAdminBundle Hackday in Zurich, showed how healthy its development is.


PHP Conference Brazil 2011

Aaaaaand back to work here in ideato after the amazing chance to hold the PHP Conference Brazil 2011 keynote – and visit wonderful Brazil!

The brazilian PHP community seemed lively and driven by a tumultuous growth, perfectly reflecting the soul of the whole country. Overcoming their tentative to kill me with a mix of beer and caipirinha, I was very glad to chat with some of the speakers, the staff members and some people among the audience.