#phpnw14: we’re coming!

The 2014 edition of php North West Conference is to take place in Manchester on 3rd, 4th and 5th of October.

Michele Orselli will take part at this great event on behalf of ideato with not one but two talks. We’re glad to participate to the Conference to give our contribute to the development ecosystem.

The first talk will be held in the first day of the Conference, on Saturday October 4th, in track 2: Implementing Server Side Data Synchronization for Mobile Apps. This talk is a case study about a possible architecture for enabling data synchronization in specific situations. Some of the topics will be id generation, hierarchical data, managing different data types, sync algorithm.

The second talk will be held in the second day of the Conference in track 3 with the title Deploy a PHP App on Google App Engine. This session will focus on porting an existing app on GAE.
Michele will start talking about the main characteristics of the app engine platform, which kind of services are available (persistence, storage, queue and so on) and how to use it. Then the PHP installation of app engine will be discussed, highlighting implementation choices and limitations. The second part of the talk will go into implementation details in particular about what tweaks are needed to run an existing app on GAE e.g how session is managed, logging is performed and how to interact with the file system, not forgetting about deploy.

Reserve your ticket for the Conference now.

We look forward to seeing you in Manchester!