PHPCR SonataAdminBundle Hackday – Our report

The best in contributing to an opensource project is when you see the shift from some very ackward amount of code to some useful, high value and consistent package of tools for the developer. The Symfony CMF reached that point during the first weeks of 2012 and the last hacking event dedicated to it, the PHPCR SonataAdminBundle Hackday in Zurich, showed how healthy its development is.

Since December things started accelerating with the release of multilanguage support in Doctrine PHPCR ODM, allowing for documents to be easily stored in several locales, filling a crucial gap between the CMF and a strong CMS market requirement.
In January we saw some Drupal interest in PHPCR standard at the PHPCR Meetup, hosted by CommerceGuys. It was a very nice event and I enjoyed meeting new members of the Symfony CMF community. Currently the relationship between Drupal and PHPCR is just warming up, but I believe Drupal community’s interest will only grow from now on.

This February is being really hot! First the CMF now can rely on versioning support in Doctrine PHPCR ODM. This is a key features for real-world publishers that will let the user save several drafts of the same node in the document tree.

During the hackday in Zurich we got many improvements, thanks to the commitment of all the attendees:

I dedicated my time during the hackday to extend and refine the tree navigation tool packaged in the PHPCRBrowserBundle together with Nacho Martìn, joining us from Munich, and Dan, from Liip. Now the tree navigator:

  • supports node editing by clicking on it
  • supports a number of options when right-clicking on a node:
    • new node creation by selecting the node type and attaching the new node as a child of the clicked node
    • node deletion
  • let the user move subtrees by drag&drop
  • get the tree open/closed state preserved in case of whole page reloading

I can’t wait for Symfony CMF Hacknight in Verona on 17 May 2012. If things won’t stop growing at this rate, by that time it will be only lots of fun left to code! See you there!