PHP Conference Brazil 2011

Aaaaaand back to work here in ideato after the amazing chance to hold the PHP Conference Brazil 2011 keynote – and visit wonderful Brazil!

The brazilian PHP community seemed lively and driven by a tumultuous growth, perfectly reflecting the soul of the whole country. Overcoming their tentative to kill me with a mix of beer and caipirinha, I was very glad to chat with some of the speakers, the staff members and some people among the audience.

The overall picture that came out of the chatting is one of little adoption of object oriented programming style and a sparse knowledge of agile development, though some of the sessions I attended were highly focused on those topics, showing very high quality and held by very well renown coders like Ericksen Costa and Rafael Dohms. It just means brazilian community is on its way to be heard back in the next years and, in case you needed clues about it, we welcome Rafael on this side of the ocean: he recently moved to Europe and I guess we’ll have chance to meet him across european conferences from this time on.

What about my keynote? It felt good and it looks like it served well enough my goal to bring some attention on the Symfony CMF project and the team supporting and developing it. With Nacho‘s hard work on the SonataDoctrinePhpcrAdminBundle the project is coming to a crucial milestone to live a community-boost.

That’s all! I have to go back to the PHPCRBrowserBundle now. Enjoy the keynote slides, ciao!